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Montrealer's Can Grab Tickets To See Justin Timberlake Next Week For Only $11

You'll never get tickets this cheap again, ever.
Montrealer's Can Grab Tickets To See Justin Timberlake Next Week For Only $11

So many concerts. So little time. 

Or maybe you're saying "so little money" to yourself to counteract the FOMO you may get from missing one of the many big concerts that come through town. 

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Justin Timberlake is about to make his return to the Montrealstage with 2 shows at the Bell Centre coming up in just a handful of days and tickets are being re-sold at unbelievably low prices. 

It's been an up-and-down year for JT. 

His Superbowl Half Time show was pretty good - and that definitely helped him out when the Montreal shows went on sale initially. The 1st announced concert sold so well that he added a second date almost immediately. 

Turns out that the second date may have been a little ambitious. 

After the release of his new album, Man Of The Woods, the response was not at all good. He may be getting some radio play, still, but fans were alienated with the new sound and it just failed to resonate on a level that even comes close to his former material. 

The fans have spoken up, not so obviously but rather in the form of pawning off their concert tickets for next to nothing. I'm sure there are some scalpers in here too who aren't counting on a high demand for JT tickets this month. 

Still, the "Man of the Woods" can put on a great show. Justin Timberlake is a top notch performer, no matter the quality of his newest material... and he'll be playing all his bigger hits anyways.

StubHub has a ton of Justin Timberlake tickets for grabs, and they are dirt cheap with major price cuts for both concert dates of April 8th and April 9th.

In fact, the lowest prices are $11 USD!! There are also plenty of ticket options ranging from $11-$50 bucks.

Via StubHub

Sure, some of these tickets may not be "prime" seats... but there are also GA floor tickets up for grabs priced at $39.50! 

The second Justin Timberlake show on Monday, April 9th, also has a ton of good deals - with prices started around $16 USD, and GA floor tickets at $35 USD!

This is unprecedented for a major concert at the Bell Centre. 

If you wanna see JT live, this is your chance to do so and not have to pay insane amounts of money - especially seeing as you're likely part of the majority who hate his new album. Cause it sucks. 

I'd also act fast, at the time of posting this article over 500 people were looking at tickets. 

It's also worth noting that in scenarios such as this, StubHub users selling their tickets usually set prices to decline as the event approaches - they may be even cheaper tomorrow!

If you're not in Montreal, all it takes is a little digging - many of his events on the tour have ticket listings with similar discounts.

Good luck, JT and JT fans of Montreal! 

Justin Timberlake tickets on StubHub April 8th

Justin Timberlake tickets on StubHub April 9th

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