Montrealers Can Play Free Video Games At Concordia University

If you like games this is for you.
Montrealers Can Play Free Video Games At Concordia University

Photo cred - Jerrica Joy

As part of Montréal Joue happening until March 8,TAG is hosting Arcade 11 at Concordia University starting today. Over the course of 3 days, the Engineering and Visual Arts complex will be open to the public to explore and try out new and cutting-edge indie games for free, while also getting the chance to meet with developers, internet streamers, and gaming masters who will be showing off their speedrunning skills.

Play all kinds of zany and experimental titles including"Ultimate Chicken VS Horse", "Crypt of the Necromancer", "Patatap: The Room with the Singing Curtains" and a special Arcade 11 hacked version of "MindCraft".

There will also be an Occulus Rift exhibiton game to experience, the Montreal-made and hand-crafted Arcade Royale with old-school aesthetics and exciting new gameplay to try out, and a Leonard Nimoy tribute game built in 48 hours called "Eat Long and Prosper".

WHEN:  March 4- 6 @ 11am-5pm

WHERE: 11th floor EV buidling

Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

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