Montrealers Don’t Know How To Date Anymore And It’s F*cking Ridiculous

It needs to stop.
Montrealers Don’t Know How To Date Anymore And It’s F*cking Ridiculous

I have been trying to keep it to myself and not open up to our readers, but it's just too much to handle at this point. Montrealers suck at dating! Here, I said it. We've completely forgotten what romance is. I legitimately think that we need to collectively take relationship classes at school to make sure that we can at least know what's acceptable and what isn't.

I have been dating for a while now and it's gotten so ridiculous, that I just had to share my frustration with all of you. Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with this world?

It's not only happening to me. My single girlfriends are also struggling to meet decent human beings. The type that have good intentions and kind hearts. Is it so much to ask for?

I've never had any problems with getting attention from the opposite sex. I've always valued quality over quantity though. And these days, quality is almost impossible to find. Where is this glitch coming from? Why have men become so full of fuckboy genes?

I'll give you a few examples. I get countless texts after 10pm that go something like this, "What are you up to?", "Let's chill!" or, my personal favourite, "Ecole tonight?" (meaning the club, École Privée). Because I'm old and not interesting, I usually sleep at that time. So the next morning I reply, "Sorry, I don't like clubbing. Hope you had a good time." And the guy goes, "Yeah, well I actually wanted to sleep with you, Ecole was just a front." Like, come on dude. Not that I'm a prude and get easily offended, but if I had a daughter and a boy would send her this text, it would make me really angry. Why did I even reply to his text? Because I like to think that I'm a nice person and I treat people the way I want to be treated.

Or when guys refuse to go on actual dates and want you to come over to watch Netflix instead. It's a thing. I'm not talking about someone you've been dating for a while and have gotten comfortable with... No, more like - he invited you over after you saw each other once. This is clearly an invitation to bang, excuse my language. I even had a guy who invited me over for dinner to his place as a first date idea. He "wanted to cook for me." Am I the only one who thinks it's sketchy and inappropriate?

You might not agree with me, but I actually think that there's something magical about having real dinner dates. Call me old fashioned, but when a man comes to pick you up, you get all dressed up and have something to look forward to all week... It's just great, isn't it? When is the last time a man came to pick you up? Think about it. Let it marinate.

Is it so hard to treat women with respect and kindness? I don't understand.

And I'm not saying I'm an angel. I throw fits, say ridiculous things, drink like a real Russian, swear like a sailor... it's what gives me an edge LOL. Just kidding, I'm trying to deal with my bad habits, but I do care about other people's feelings and would never allow myself to be a fuckgirl to anyone.

When has it become "not cool" to catch feelings, care about people and actually date in a romantic way? I truly hope that there are still real Montreal gentlemen and ladies out there who value things other than clubbing and popping bottles.

If you can relate to this post, send me your feedback to, we'll create a movement and bring romance back! :-P

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