Montrealers Get Free STM Metro & Bus Rides Today

Protests tend to have that effect on the city.
Montrealers Get Free STM Metro & Bus Rides Today

Photo cred - Pascal Robidas

Montreal will be in a bit of an uproar today, with unionized municipal workers protesting Bill 3 and its proposed cuts to pensions, and while anyone heading to the Port of Montreal or City Hall may find an inconvenient kerfuffle of demonstrators, Montrealers taking the bus may find a welcome surprise. In support of the Grand Derangement, certain STM buses are giving out free bus rides.

Radio-Canada reporter Pascal Robidas tweeted out the following image, showcasing an STM bus card/ticket reader outfitted with yellow stickers saying the device is temporarily out of service. Robidas caught on to the not-so-subtle pseudo-protest, noting how the stickers were placed on the scanner by drivers in solidarity with protesters. Check out the tweet below:





— Pascal Robidas (@pascalrobidas) November 26, 2014

Apparently the free STM rides aren't only happening above ground. Montrealer William Bonin tweeted out that metro rides will also be free today, with the card scanners likely outfitted with the same stickers. If you don't have a monthly OPUS card, keep your change or your pre-paid fares, because today may be a day of riding on the STM.

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STM workers are not legally allowed to take the day off to protest, points out Global, but as spokesperson to the Municipal Unions Coalition Marc Ranger alluded to, STM employees (along with cops and firefighters) will be visibly protesting.” Not charging STM riders and big yellow stickers is pretty visible to us.

On my morning commute, I didn't find the 80 with the yellow stickers signaling a free ride, but some of us did experience open turnstiles at St. Laurent and Vendome metro stations. Seems as if free rides on buses are at the discretion of the driver, while certain metro stations are just letting any and everyone walk on through.

Montreal firefighters, who also can't take the day off, found another creative way to support the protest. Check it what municipal workers did to one of the city's firetrucks below, which just has my brain screaming "Bat-firetruck!"

Union Municipal workers paint #Montreal fire truck black #cptt #GrandDerangement #PressureTactics

— Cosmo Santamaria (@cosmoBT) November 26, 2014

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