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Montrealer's Hilarious Happy Birthday Tweets To Pauline Marois

Nothing says happy birthday like a sassy tweet.
Montrealer's Hilarious Happy Birthday Tweets To Pauline Marois

Everyone's favourite politician and provincial election candidate, the incomparable Pauline Marois, turned a seasoned 65 years old yesterday. Yes, the blonde bombshell is officially in her mid-sixties, not that you would ever be able to tell. She just looks that good.

No doubt Pauline rang her birthday in with Bieber and Miley after yesterday's PQ rally, because, come on, those three must be friends. They all have so much in common.

In case you forgot to send Mme. Marois some happy birthday wishes, never fear, because your fellow Montrealers have your back. With full sass-mode on, here are some of the most funny happy birthday to Pauline Marois tweets from Montreal.

I've reserved the flight already.

— ♥ (@lisa5_xo) March 29, 2014

Pauline does not age like us normal humans.



— Celso Sawaia (@cjsawaia) March 29, 2014

The best gift on a birthday: sass.

A reminder that legally forcing women out of wearing a hijab does NOT constitute feminism or gender equality. #giftsforpauline — Mary (@maryturner_) March 29, 2014

Only if October features PKP in a sexy nurse costume.

A 14-month PKP calendar. #giftsforpauline#cadeauxpourpauline — Danny Leo (@carpedanny) March 29, 2014

Birthdays and politics do not mix.

That awkward moment when opposition leaders don't know whether to wish Pauline Marois a Happy Birthday #qc2014 — Steve Bata (@steve_bat) March 29, 2014

I wish I was homies with Pauline...

Happy Birthday To The Homies @PhilinSexy And Pauline Marois — Big Meech (@marco_panunto) March 29, 2014

  Harsh, but that is some solid photoshoppin'

March 29, 2014

At least now we know where Pauline's fiery attitude comes from.

March 29, 2014

Simple, and to the point.

— vaness (@chalhoubxoo) March 29, 2014

#Sarcasm may be my new favourite hashtag.

What would you wish Marois on her birthday?

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