Montrealers Need These Shoes That Charge Your Phone While You Walk

Photo cred - stephanemtl

A fear every one of us shares on a daily basis is the impending loss of one's smartphone battery. Life without texting, Google Maps, Instagram, and all your other favourite smartphone features is a harsh reality none of us wish to experience. Sometimes, unfortunately, it happens, your phone's battery dries up, and it sucks, but circumventing the problem is as easy as wearing the right kind of shoes.

Created by tech startup SolePower comes a pair of shoes that can recharge your smartphone, or any device with a USB port/adapter, just by walking.

A special mini-generator is set up within the heel of the shoe, which is powered by the kinetic energy gained when your heel hits the ground at every step. A removable battery held in the laces is then charged, which can be taken out whenever your phone may need a quick boost of energy. Not yet on the market, the shoes will be released "as soon as possible," according to SolePower employees.

Pretty great for situations when there is no power source in sight, the SolePower shoes can provide 2 1/2 hours of energy for a phone after one hour of walking. That would seem like quite a length of time in most cities, but Montreal is a walking city, and an hour is pretty standard for most of us, no matter the season.

Read more at the SolePower official website here.

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