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Montrealers Need To Leave More "Dear Douchebag Bike Thief" Letters In The City

If only to get the hate off your chest.
Montrealers Need To Leave More "Dear Douchebag Bike Thief" Letters In The City

Bike theft in Montreal is an ongoing problem for many cyclists. While there are some uplifting stories where people find their bike in Montreal after years of absence, in general, if your bike gets nabbed in Montreal, you're not going to be seeing it again. Maybe that wouldn't be the case if Montrealers were as proactive as 23-year old Aaron Rush.

Rush, a self-proclaimed poor student living in England, had his bike stolen, as many have before him, but instead of whining about it to friends and family, Rush left a hilarious letter to his bike's thief. Later posted on Instagram, the letter has since gained social media fame, as it's not only funny but awesomely on point.

Opening the letter with "Dear Douchebag Bike Thief," the letter then recounts Rush's personal experience with previous cases of bike theft and sarcastically degrades the thief in question. Rush also alludes to a GPS tracking device within the bike frame, which probably frightened the thief (if he/she saw the note) but hasn't helped him get his bike back, as the bike's location is still unknown.

Although the note didn't really do much in terms of getting the bike returned to Rush, it must have been very cathartic to write out to the person who stole your bike, even if they never saw the letter. Montrealers could learn a thing or two from Rush's letter, if not about being funny in the face of hardship, then by putting tracers inside bike frames. Ideally, maybe the shame from reading such letters would deter bike thieves around the city.

Read the whole "Dear Douchebag Bike Thief" letter below. IMO the ending sign-off is the best part.

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