Montrealers Organize Bowling Fundraiser And Try To Beat Out Cancer Once And For All

This is the StrikeOut Cancer Fund.
Montrealers Organize Bowling Fundraiser And Try To Beat Out Cancer Once And For All

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Help fight cancer, one pin at a time. That's the basic concept behind Montreal's Bowl-O-Thon, an annual fundraiser dedicated to raising money for lung cancer research, which is now going on towards its fifth year of existence. Created by one incredibly motivated and brave Montrealer, the Bowl-O-Thon for cancer research is always looking for supporters, and you can help.

Each year, the Bowl-O-Thon brings together family, friends, and strangers with the purpose of raising funds and awareness for lung cancer research. Fostering community bonds, the Bowl-O-Thon provides a communal goal for all to strive towards, while also being fun and entertaining. Every event raises funds for the StrikeOut Cancer Fund, which then donates all proceeds to St. Mary’s Hospital Lung Cancer research center.

Anthony Pacella is young mind behind the StrikeOut Cancer Fund, who, at only 15 years old, created the initiative in honour of his mother, Mary Melillo Pacella, who passed away in 2011 due to lung cancer. I too lost a parent to cancer only a few years ago, so I can sympathize with Anthony, and find his ingenuity and commitment to his cause all the more awe-inspiring. Anyone who has lost a loved one to any form of cancer knows how difficult the experience can be, and Anthony's bravery in the face of adversity is a story we felt we had to share with all of you.

Since its creation, the StrikeOut Cancer fund has raised $65, 000, all of which has gone directly towards lung cancer research at St. Mary's Hospital. The 4th Bowl-O-Thon occurred this past March, and while the next event is still in the works, you can make sure it happens by donating. Every small amount helps, and you'll be helping out a good cause with a truly inspiring story.

Help support Anthony Pacella and the StrikeOut Cancer Fund by donating, volunteering, or simply sharing the story. Moving into its 5th year of fundraising, with huge events on the horizon, you can help to better the lives of many simply by clicking a few buttons.

Learn more about the StrikeOut Cancer Fund and how you can help at the official website here.

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