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Montrealers Skating In 1951 At Mont Royal Park, How The Times Have Changed

Winter always looks the same in Montreal, no matter the year. Go back as far as 60 years and you'll be surprised to see the timelessness the season creates. Sure, the clothing styles may slightly differ, and the skates and sticks used for hockey might not seem the most modern, but not much else has changed. People still where layers and layers of clothes to keep warm, kids and adult alike still love a good game of hockey, and the snow is still white and everywhere. See for yourself below in the vintage video of a people at play and skating at Montreal Square St-Louis and Mount Royal Park from 1951. Unfocus you eyes a tad, ignore the black and white, and you'll be surprised how similar everything looks to today.

How'd you like this winter-y blast from the past? Does Montreal eerily look the same, or have the times definitely changed? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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