Montrealer's Tweets & Photos From Yesterday's May Day Protest Downtown

Brutal arrests erupt in the streets of Montreal.
Montrealer's Tweets & Photos From Yesterday's May Day Protest Downtown

The streets of Montreal were in discord last night as Montreal protesters, in support of the global May Day movement, were brutally detained by Montreal's police force.

Protesters converged near Papineau and Ontario, with smaller groups also at St. Catherine/Plessis and Place des Arts.

During the anti-capitalism demonstrations, five Montrealers were arrested and 132 were fined tickets of a whopping $638.

See how it all went down through on-site Montrealer's tweets and photos.

The message


— Guy Bourbonnais (@Boucrate) May 2, 2014

Guess the SPVM weren't enough

#SPVM + SQ + Cavalrie pour — fr0g5 (@frogsarelovely) May 1, 2014

One street corner you shouldn't post up by, no matter your profession


— JoO (@go_to_jo) May 2, 2014

Arrests are one thing, but flippin' us all off? Uncool.

To serve and protect: this is what your police think of you (via @99Media_org). — Jon Summers (@jonathans_mtl) May 1, 2014

Because marching bands are too dangerous for the outdoors




— Laura Pellicer (@LauraPLive) May 1, 2014

Raw and intense

Media comrade arrested — stimulator (@stimulator) May 1, 2014

A bird's eye view of the demonstration




— Betty Esperanza (@esperanza4hire) May 1, 2014

Herding Montrealers

Arrestation de masse vue d'en haut — Moïse Marcoux-Chabot (@moisemc) May 1, 2014

At least they got the guy an ambulance afterwards...

Photo Cred - Simon Lussier

The other use of STM buses





— Suzanne MacNeil (@esooze) May 2, 2014

Classic Montreal

In the last half hour I: grabbed a beer with a friend, saw police face off with #MayDay protesters and watched hockey #typicalmontrealnight — sophie tremblay (@sophietremblay) May 1, 2014

Did you see yesterday's May Day protest?

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