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Montrealers Will Be Protesting Quebec's Face-Veil Ban

A gathering against Bill 62.
Montrealers Will Be Protesting Quebec's Face-Veil Ban

UPDATE: The organizers of this event have clarified they will not be blocking traffic at the protest.   

Montrealers are gathering to protest Bill 62 and its face-covering ban tomorrow morning. 

The anti-Bill 62 movement is being called the “Morning RUSH HOUR Protest Against BILL 62/Face-Covering Ban” and will unite citizens opposed to the controversial bill. 

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As outlined in the protest’s Facebook event page, the demonstration will be enacted “in solidarity with women whose lives will be affected by the ban.”

Everyone is invited to participate and are encouraged to bring friends. The protest’s organizers “hope to show solidarity in numbers.”

The protest will be held along Avenue du Parc, targeting the 80 bus route. Participants are being asked to line up on the west side of du Parc at any bus stop between Parc-Ex and Mont-Royal. 

All protesters should bring scarves or neck warmers to cover their faces with. The protest will begin at 8:30am and last until 9am, when busses will be allowed to pass. 

Organizers for the event say that Bill 62 infringes on the rights of Quebec citizens, adding “it is wrong to persecute a small group of women who choose to dress in a particular way outside of their homes.”

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