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Montrealers Will Soon Be Paying More Money For Netflix

More cheddar for more House of Cards.
Montrealers Will Soon Be Paying More Money For Netflix

Get ready to pay a few extra dollars more to binge-watch Orange Is The New Black, cutesy rom-coms, or whatever your Netflix guilty pleasure is.

Netflix announced its plan to increase subscription rates by $1-$2 per month, the first price hike the company has enacted in three years.

According to Netlix CEO Reed Hastings, the price increase isn't just a money grab. Everyone's favourite TV-resource is raising prices to fund more original programs, such as political super-drama House of Cards

Don't stress about your wallet just yet though, as the increase isn't set to take place until July-ish and will only be applied to new customers. Long-time Netflixers will still pay $8 a month until the end of the year.

An official statement on increases Canadian Netflix has yet to be released, but one can assume Canada is being looped into the "North American" market the price hike applies to.

$10 a month to get more awesome shows to watch with a bottle wine and a few joints anytime you want? Seems fair to me.

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