Montreal’s $1 Croissant Festival Begins Tomorrow

All participating bakeries listed.
Montreal’s $1 Croissant Festival Begins Tomorrow

Who likes croissants? You like croissants? No not crescents, that's a street or a phase of the moon, I'm taking about CROO-ASS-ONS. Well then I have some great news for you fans of the flaky, buttery, crispy treats, Montreal now has a croissant festival. That's right the city known for its food festivals have added yet another to celebrate a breakfast staple that really does deserve it's own moment in the spotlight.

During La Fete Du Croissant, a number of local bakeries and pastry shops will be offering croissants for $1 staring April 25th. Here's your chance to settle the age old question, who has the best croissants in town. Okay, fine that's not an age old question but it's still worth knowing.

Here are some of the participating shops:

Mr. Pinchot

4354 Rue De Brebeuf Rue


15, Place Simon-Valois

1700 rue Ontario Est


6527 Boul St-Laurent

Fous Desserts

809 Av. Laurier Est

Le P'tit Atelier

93 Rue Rachel Ouest

Les Co'Pains d’abord

1965, rue Mont-Royal Est

2727, rue Masson

418, rue Rachel Est

Maison Christian Faure

355, Place Royale,

Marie Pain

8990, Sherbrooke Est

La Petite Boulangerie

1412, rue Fleury Est

Brioche a Tête

107 ave Fairmount Ouest

Pâtisserie Marius et Fanny

4439 Saint-Denis street

Check out the official La Fete Du Croissant website for more info.

Here's a map of the participating locations:

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