Montreal's $1 Croissant Festival Is Today

All that flaky, buttery goodness for a very low price.
Montreal's $1 Croissant Festival Is Today

Montreal's bakeries will be baking up the best, most buttery, and flaky croissants for you to enjoy at the deliciously-low price of only $1 this Saturday, May 3rd.

This magical deal is part of The Croissant Festival (La Fête du croissant), an event designed to promote the handcrafted delicacies of Montreal's best bakeries and to get you eating quality croissants made with love.

Over thirty bakeries in and around Montreal will be participating, all offering croissants for only one dollar. See the full map of participating bakeries right here.

Get your whipped butter, jams, and whatever else you like to smear on a croissant ready for this Saturday's Croissant Festival, you'll want to get dem croissants while they're hot.

Are you pumped for $1 croissants?

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