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Montreal’s $1 Poutine Day Is Next Week

L'Gros Luxe celebrates its first anniversary.
Montreal’s $1 Poutine Day Is Next Week

To celebrate its first year of very successful business, L'Gros Luxe has come up with one seriously delicious promotion so good, it may just put them out of business! On April 20, for one day only, buy a drink and drop a looney to get your hands on, among a selection of other dishes, a tasty poutine.

Other munchies include:


Fried Pickles

Chef Salad

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

Fried Cookie Dough

You may have also noticed the excellent timing of this awesome special. While the owner of L'Gros Luxe didn't even intended it originally, $1 poutine day falls on a 4/20, a day when many "enthusiasts" will no doubt have a raging case of the munchies for....reasons... and these dishes will so hit the spot. How serendipitous indeed.

This promotion will only be available at the Plateau location, which if you happen to be at the Tams that day (and let's face it you will be) couldn't be more ideal. Bravo L'Gros Luxe. Bravo.

Check out the Facebook Page for more details.

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