Montreal's 10 Best Juice Bars: Perfect For You To Lose Weight This Summer

It's time to get your juice on people, because after a winter of eating comfort foods to make the cold more bearable, your body is no-doubt in need of some nutrients.

Literally condensing all the health benefits found in fruits and vegetables into liquid form, a freshly-squeezed juice is rich in every nutrient your body needs. Better yet, a quality juice is as refreshing as it is healthy, making it the ideal way to get a little healthier in the summer.

And with the many juice bars in Montreal, enjoying the benefits of juicing is altogether easy. From cold-pressed juice spots (which has more inherent nutrients) to vegetarian eateries, check out ten Montreal juice bars that will help you get fit and healthy below.


1005 Bernard W

Describing itself as the "only chef-driven cold-pressed juice shop in Montreal," Juspur combines expert juicemanship (it's totally a word, just go with it) with high quality ingredients. Better yet, Juspur's wide range of juices aren't crazy expensive, making them a great option to stay healthy in Outremont.


Mangue et Melon

Jean-Talon + Atwater Market

Getting healthy at Jean-Talon or Atwater Market isn't limited to their wide range of fresh produce, because you can get a nutrient rich pick-me-up while you shop at Mangue et Melon. Prioritizing local ingredients and flexible working conditions, the juices at Mangue et Melon will make you feel good just as much as the juice bar's warm atmosphere will.

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105 Rachel E + 2157 Mackay + 66 St-Viateur

This much-adored vegan eatery may be known for its raw cuisine, but you shouldn't forget that Crudessence also functions as a juice bar of sorts. Creative, mixed-flavoured juices are available at each Crudessence location, like the "Red Lips" blend of apple, carrot, beet, and ginger, among several others.


Joys of Living

900 St-Philippe

Crafting cold-pressed juices exclusively with raw ingredients, Joys Of Living's juices ensure you get all the nutrients you need. Founded on the principle of making time to take care of yourself, Joys is the oasis of healthy living you need in Saint Henri.


Aux Vivres

4631 Saint Laurent

Easily Montreal's most adored vegan restaurant, Aux Vivres has always boasted a range of freshly squeezed juices, even though its delicious cuisine has overshadowed that fact. Thought of as more of a restaurant than a juice bar, which it is, just don't forget about Aux Vivre's takeout counter which will provide a nutrient-boost while you're on the go on Saint Laurent street.


Rejuice Nutrition

5128 Sherbrooke

One of the first companies in Montreal devoted to raw, organic cold-pressed juices, Rejuice provides retailers across the island with quality beverages alongside its flagship juice bar in NDG. Rejuice even offers a cleansing program for those who are looking to get extra healthy this summer season.


Copper Branch

Multiple locations

You may remember this vegan restaurant as the one that serves its own poutine, but don't assume Copper Branch is a one-trick pony devoted only to vegan-ified comfort foods. Boasting an extensive menu focused on vegan and health-conscious dishes, Copper Branch now also a wide range of smoothies and organic, cold-pressed "Copper Branch Fuel" juices.


Juicyyy Lab

4289 Notre Dame

Opened by noted Montreal entrepreneur Corey Shapiro of Vintage Frames fame, Juicyyy Lab Montreal is a combo juice and salad bar infused with plenty of swag-tastic creative energy. All about repping juices that are #SickerThanYourAverageBeverage, Juicyyy Lab definitely crafts some fine drinks in a hip venue you'll want to return to.


Café Nutrimania

16 Rachel E

Yet another vegetarian-minded eatery to grace this list, Café Nutrimania differentiates itself by being just as much as juice bar as it is a restaurant. Even offering full-on detox programs with its freshly squeezed juices, Café Nutrimania will get you feeling fine and healthy for every meal of the day.


Dose Juice

Okay, so I've been focusing on including juice companies that have physical locations on this list, which Dose Juice doesn't really have, but they do have pop-up locations from time-to-time and can be found in many stores and cafes throughout Montreal, so I feel justified in their inclusion.

Cold-pressing juices on the daily, Dose is all about serving quality beverages all throughout Montreal, even giving you the option to pick-up their juices from certain retail locations or have them delivered right to your door!

Anyone looking for other juice-delivery options, you can also check out:


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