Montreal's 100% Electric STM Buses Are Here

The very-first in North America.
Montreal's 100% Electric STM Buses Are Here

The STM is about to take a big step this year, as it unveil it's latest line of buses.

It isn't the new interactive screens, the live GPS tracking, or even the seating arrangement that makes these buses special, it's the fact that they are 100% electric.

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That's right, no more bio-diesel and no more hybrids. Just gasoline free, fully electric buses.

And Montreal is the first city in North America to test these new vehicles.

So far there are 3 buses in total that will be tested at the beginning of 2017 on the 36 Monk line. At first they will be empty, but they will start taking on passengers at the start of spring.

The STM already installed 2 new charging stations for the buses at Angrignon and Square Victoria.

If everything goes well with the pilot project, the STM wants convert the entire fleet of buses to electric by 2025.

The goal is for Montreal to be a world leader in electric public transport and to help reduce carbon emissions in the city.


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