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Montreal's 12 Best Neighborhoods According To America

An honest ranking.
Montreal's 12 Best Neighborhoods According To America

In the past, we've done lots of neighborhood rankings.

But since we live in Montreal, we may be a little biased, so it's always intersecting to see how people from other places see our city. 

CNN has a hard on (or should I say "a heart on") for Montreal for awhile now, and recently the decided to rank their 12 Best Montreal Neighborhoods. (Not boroughs, neighborhoods)

Let's see if they got it right.:

12. Quartier des Spectacles

11. The Islands/Cité du Havre

10. Little Burgundy

9. Côte-des-Neiges

8. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

7. Historic Jewish Quarter

6. Little Italy

5. Gay Village

4. La Petite-Patrie

3. Mile End/Mile-Ex

2. Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

1. Old Montreal

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