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Montreal's 12 Most Wanted Dangerous Criminals

All of these people are still on the loose.
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Montreal's 12 Most Wanted Dangerous Criminals

Despite a nationwide increase in violent crime, Montreal remains a particularly safe city. 

Robust social programs reduce the inequity that leads to the high crime experienced in many American cities and, increasingly, Toronto. The largest city in Canada has experienced both horrible attacks and a gun fatality rate that is twice what it was by this time last year.

But, of course, crimesstill occur in Montreal. While the city dominates the public imagination in North America as the "safest city on the continent," it still has its share of horrific events.  

While police are able to capture the vast majority of criminals, some are able to evade detection.

Listed below are the twelve cases for which there are still outstanding suspects. All information comes directly from the SPVM website. Check it out here for additional information. For several criminals already under arrest, police are seeking witnesses or victims who can offer testimony.

If you think you have come across any of these individuals, police encourage you to call either 9-1-1 or the tip hotline at 514-393-1133.

Fair warning: some of the images below depict crude gestures.


David Maignan (left)

Maignan procured a minor for sex and fraudulently received marital benefits. He could be anywhere in the country but officials believe he actively looking for an apartment and going on property tours.

The "Indecent" Man (right)

This man performed "indecent acts" at the Anjour metro station. Though the SPVM does not specify those acts, we can presume they were of a sexual nature.


The "Violent" Thief (left)

In January 2017, his man violently attacked another individual and took their credit card.

The "Hate" Graffitist (right)

This man drew mysognyistic graffiti on the side of a theatre on Rue Gilford in May 2018.


The Murderer by the 189 Bus (left – unidentified)

Police are hoping to find potential witnesses who were riding the 189 bus 8:25pm and 9:15 pm on March 29th, 2018. Un unidentified man repeatedly stabbed a passanger who disembarked from the bus. The victim later died from his wounds.

Yves Savard (right)

Savard is wanted for trafficking heroine and fentanyl. He has been charged but he escaped his bail and is currently on the run.


The Gang of Jewel Thieves

This group of thieves committed several daytime home break-ins in Montreal West during the summer of 2017. The SPVM warns that it is difficult to discern the exact number of perpetrators from the low-quaity photos they have been able to gather.


The Credit Card Thieves

These two pickpockets stole and used several credit cards, spending over $20,000.


Muhidiin Ahmed Farrah (left)

Ahmed Farrah is wanted for a "brutal" robbery involving firearms in NDG as well as for activities as a pimp. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Frederick Silva (right)

Silva is a suspect in a 2017 murder. The SPVM calls him "dangerous" but, strangely, offers no other information.


The Kidnapper and His Accomplices (left)

This man's accomplices are wanted for robbery, kidnapping, and forcible confinement of his victims. On September 29th, 2006, he and other accomplices forced an individual to give up their debit card and then took the victim to an apartment whose inhabitants the perpetrators also tied up. The man pictured, Jorge Ortiz, sexually assaulted one of the victims and was later arreted. Police are still on the search for the other kidnappers.

The Violent Robber (right)

This man committed a serious of violent home break-ins and robberies while his victims were home in May 2006. He has never been identified. These computer generated images from victims' testimonies are the only visual tools.


    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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