Montreal's 1km Saint-Catherine Street Terrasse Has Officially Returned (Photos)

Weeks ago, I wrote about the 1km long terrasse that opens up annually in Montreal's Gay Village. 

It is, to me, one of the big markers of the summer season - and quite frankly, the best destination for locals and tourists alike. 

Montreal's Gay Village is also the biggest and most fabulous Gaybourhood in North America! 

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I promised you that I will come and give you an update when that special time of year comes, and the iconic pink - now rainbow - balls go back up above Saint-Catherine St E and the road is closed off from traffic. 

Today marks that day. We made it. It's here!

While the bars and restaurants haven't quite rolled out their individual patios to the curbside just yet, city workers have been hustling hard to get the balls up all the way through the Gay Village this week. 

Usually, it's not until May long weekend that the Village 1km Terrasse is officially bumping, but that does not stop me (or anybody else, really) from getting so excited to see this update! 

The Gay Village summer pedestrian party zone is quintessential Montreal. It is part of our city, whether you're a part of the community or not. 

So, here come all the bachelorette parties. All the drunk tourists and students... but most importantly, or community has their stomping grounds back to top form! 

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Now that we've hit that special moment, you can expect the balls to stay up until late September 2018.  

If you didn't believe that summer was coming, it is now (unofficially) coming. 

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