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Montreal's 2014 Caribbean Festival Parade Is Set To Heat Up Saint-Catherine Street Today

There is hot hot hot and then there is this.
Montreal's 2014 Caribbean Festival Parade Is Set To Heat Up Saint-Catherine Street Today

Photo Cred - Austin H. Kapfumvuti

July is going to start with some intense vibrancy and energy thanks to the Carifiesta parade and festivities. For the 39th year in a row, Carifiesta, Montreal's "great carnival," and the nation's second largest Carribean festival will make the streets come alive with music, dancing, and cultural pride.

The main Carifiesta event to check out will be the parade, happening on Saturday, July 5th. More than 100, 000 Montrealers are expected to attend, and they'll be entertained for hours by the colourful floats, masterfully crafted costumes, and Latin West-Indian and afro-caribbean music that make up the parade. Here's the parade route for those wondering.

Music is a major aspect of Carifiesta, and not only will your ears be treated to the rhythm and tunes included in the parade, but you can also expect more than a few band launches during the weekend's festivities. This is your chance to listen to music from another culture you may not be familiar with, as well has hear bands just entering the Montreal music scene.

Sun and fun will be had at Carifiesta, but the festival is also all about cultural inclusiveness and the creation of community bonds. Carifiesta is meant to teach people about Caribbean culture, while making sure everyone has a good time, so expect fun and not a lesson in cultural history.

The 39th edition of Carifiesta runs from July 5th to July 7th, and you can find out more about the festival's festivities at the official website and FB page.

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