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Montreal's 2014 "Cricket Eating Festival" Crawls Into Action Next Weekend

Photo cred - Mel Fonseca

Crickets make good eating. Nutritionally high in protein and iron, these tasty critters have a versatile flavour profile depending on what they’re fed and are a largely sustainable, earth-friendly livestock, all things considered. Only problem is, our western sensibilities are largely repulsed by them.

However, if you are as forward-thinking as all of us here at MTL Blog, you are at least curious why, according to UN Food and Agriculture Organization stats, approximately 2 billion people munch these insects on the regular.

With the population expected to hit 9 billion by the year 2050, humans, or at least westerners, will need to start thinking outside the box as more traditional livestock is only going to get harder and harder to maintain.

So it’s time to get on board kids!Alimentary Initiatives in collaboration with Cultures of Cities Center is hosting their annual Future Food Salon and it’s coming to Montreal August 27. Already successful in cities like Austin, Manhattan, and Toronto, the event is taking place, not surprisingly, at the Montreal Insectarium. Guest chefs from around the continent offer up creative canapés like cricket-sliders, ‘chirp’ cookies, even insect-sourced wine and the event also features live jazz music by So-Called Quintet and art installations by Han Zhang and Helen Yung.

You can find complete details and how to get tickets for the Future Food Salon here.

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