Montreal's 2014 Downtown "Ghost Tour" Lets You Discover The City's Haunted Buildings

You will certainly be surprised.
Montreal's 2014 Downtown "Ghost Tour" Lets You Discover The City's Haunted Buildings

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Over the course of Montreal's long history, some messed up things have happened in the city. Murders, mass deaths, and deranged operations are to name a few of the traumatic fatalities that have occurred in the city, and you know what they say about a death infused with intense pain, fear, and longing, right? That's right, they create ghosts.

Okay, the validity of that last statement stems from all ghost movies I've ever seen, so don't take it too seriously, but either way, Montreal has been home to some strange occurrences, many of which fall under the umbrella of the paranormal. Just in time for Halloween, the eve where the spirits rise, you can learn about all of Montreal's spooky specters on the Haunted Downtown Montreal Ghost Tour.

Despite being a modern area full of business folk, the downtown core of Montreal still has a pretty freaky history. On the tour you'll learn the grim details of the present Concordia residence/former Grey Nuns Motherhouse, the downtown church that houses a demon, the history of the funeral home that is now Club Le Cinq, and many other creepy tales you won't hear about elsewhere.

The Haunted Downtown Montreal tour will only be held four times this year. Below are the dates, with each tour starting promptly at 8pm:

  • Thursday, October 23rd
  • Friday, October 24th (SOLD OUT!)
  • Saturday, October 25th (SOLD OUT!)
  • Wednesday, October 29, 8 pm
  • Thursday, October 30, 8 pm
  • ​​Friday, October 31, 8 pm

Each tour will be held in English and begins at Andrew's Pub (map) and will last 90 minutes. To find out more and get a ticket, head over to the Haunted Downtown Montreal official website here.

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