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Montreal's 2014 International Fireworks Competition Begins This Weekend

Photo cred - Tourisme Montreal

In less than two weeks, the skies of Montreal will be painted with coloured fire every single week. Starting June 28th, Montreal's International Fireworks Competition, put on by Loto-Quebec, will end every Saturday with a bang, pun intended, as per usual.

Tickets are on sale for access to the festivals main site on Île Sainte-Hélène, which will be a great place to view the fireworks and see how the artist-pyrotechnics create their murals int he sky. But, real talk, you can enjoy the fireworks from nearly any high-altitude vantage point in the city, so you can save a few bucks.

Below is the full listing of the international firework exhibitions, with themes included.

  • Saturday, June 28th, Opening Ceremonies: Dreamcatcher 

  • Saturday, July 5th, Italy: Cosmogony, From Darkness To The Big Bang 

  • Saturday, July 12th, Spain: Once, Upon A Time

  • Wednesday, July 16th, Canada: Kutuan, Legends of Fire 

  • Saturday, July 18th, USA: Fright Night! 

  • Wednesday, July 23rd, France: Freedom - A tribute to Nelson Mandela 

  • Saturday, July 26th, Australia: Strictly Pyro - The World of Baz Lurhmann

  • Saturday, August 2nd, Finale: Tribute To Pink Floyd

Are you excited for fireworks?

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