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Lego has become the most widely loved toy of the modern day. Everyone's favourite plastic building blocks are reminiscent of your carefree days as a child, and are still prevalent in modern culture, what with the mass amount of Lego video games and the incredibly amazing Lego Movie. You and I love Lego, but the folks who make up QuéLUG take Lego love to the next level.

QuéLUG is the Quebec LEGO Users Group, and as you've probably guessed, they are a group of Lego aficionados, who build the most epic of Lego constructions. These guys and gals can, and do, make everything Lego, and even customize their own Lego figures, turning iconic characters into plastic little men and women.

You'll get to see the amazing Lego creations made by QuéLUG at Montreal's ToyCon, the city's annual toy convention, which will be going down on November 16th at the Montreal Courtyard Marriot (map). More than Lego will be on display at ToyCon, as the convetion will also host a plethora of different vendors and exhibits, all focused on the fun stuff from our youth. Find out more here.

As a sample of what you'll see from QuéLUG at Montreal's ToyCon, check out some of the pics below, courtesy of

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