Montreal's 2014 National Smile Week Begins Today

Summertime Sadness is not a thing this week.
Montreal's 2014 National Smile Week Begins Today

Photo cred - Annie Bakopoulos for Annex Photography

Cure your case of the Mondays with a smile, because it's National Smile Week, and no matter how much Mondays may suck, there's always a reason to get grinning. An initiative originally meant to increase dental health awareness, National Smile Week is an annual event in the UK which has made its way to Montreal through the magic of the internet. You may be in frown-town right now on this Monday morn, but we've got your smile-fix right here, and it'll help you make the less fortunate get happy too.

To spread the smiles around on Smile Week, Beast Sheds has created the Smile Generator, an online generator of smile-inducing pictures and videos. Click "Make me smile" and you're given an adorable pictures/meme/vine that is sure to warm your icy heart and put a smile on your face.

Smiles are contagious, and so is the Smile Generator, 'cuz if you share the generator online you're automatically entered into a competition where you can win a £50 donation (about $90 Canadian) to the charity of your choice. So you smile, you then make a friend smile, and you then make a charity and all of its benefactors smile through your donation. That's smiles on smiles on smiles, which is as uplifting as it gets on Mondays.

Click here to get grinning with the Smile Generator-->

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