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Montreal’s 2014 Old Port “Ghost Tour” Will Let You Find Out About Its Haunted Past

You will never look at Montreal the same way again.
Montreal’s 2014 Old Port “Ghost Tour” Will Let You Find Out About Its Haunted Past

Photo cred - Maxime Plantady

Montreal has a much spookier past than people think, or at least like to remember. The city has quite a sordid history, with many pretty tragic deaths, mysteries, and crimes having occurred in Montreal's hundreds of years of existence. Standing longer than almost every other area of the city, Old Montreal has witnessed a majority of these dark moments of history, and there is no better time than Halloween to learn about the spirits that haunt the area than on Halloween with the Montreal Ghosts tour.

Montreal Ghosts invites all citizens to explore the haunted history of Montreal's oldest neighborhood, which will definitely change your perception of the area. Old Montreal's cobblestone streets, which normally just seem classic and classy, have been home to witches, criminals, and victims of horrifying atrocities, some of whom still haunt the area to this day. Appearances can be deceiving.

For the special Halloween edition of the Old Montreal ghost tour, you can partake in two ways. Become a specter hunter and track down the phantoms of Old Montreal, or simply take a guided walk. Either way, you'll learn get a firsthand retelling of the grim tales that make up the most mysterious parts of Montreal's history, from the spirits themselves. Okay, so it'll be actors playing ghosts, but its more fun to play along.

Old Montreal's Halloween ghost walk/hunt will be held on October 30th, 31st and  November 1st. Each tour lasts about 90 minutes and will take place at 8:30pm. with a an extra tour added at 6:30 on Halloween eve. Register your spot by heading to the Montreal Ghosts official website here.

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