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Photo cred- Omnivore Food Festival

Food lovers in Montreal are in for a festival full of new and amazing tastes come the end of August when the Omnivore Food Festival makes its way to Montreal. Celebrating local culinary culture with an international blend of flavours, the Omnivore Food Festival will jump start your taste-buds at the end of summer with all kinds of magical meals.

To begin on August 21st and running 'til the 25th, the Omnivore Food Festival will be taking over the SAT with food-focused events and parties featuring both local and internationally acclaimed chefs. Flavour filled events to look forward to include:

  • Cooking demos lead by your favourite Montreal chefs and special guests flown in from around the world
  • Maudits soupers/Damn Dinners, where a local and internationl chef are paired together to create a special one of a kind meal
  • The Omnivorious Party, a classy evening filled with DJs, dancing drinks, and, of course, tons of delicious food.

You can also look forward to discovering a plethora of local products you didn't know were even available in the Montreal area (provided by chefs and producers throughout Quebec) and see a new side to the food prepared by your favourite Montreal restaurant chefs.

Montreal's Omnivore Food Festivals runs from August 21st to 25th at La Société des Arts Technologiques. Get all the info at the official website and FB page here.

Photo cred- Omnivore Food Festival

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