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Montreal's 2014 Outdoor Yoga Festival Is Downward Dogging This August In The Old Port

The second stop on the Lolë White Tour.
Montreal's 2014 Outdoor Yoga Festival Is Downward Dogging This August In The Old Port

Yoga takes to the beauty of Montreal's Old Port next month when the Lolë White Tour hosts its second public yoga event in the city. To be held at Quai Jacques-Cartier on August 9th (9am to 1pm), you'll be able to enjoy a full day of yoga right on the water with a fantastic view and tons of sun.

This is the second White Tour event held in Montreal, the last one taking place on May 8th at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Expect the August version to be much the same (live music, tons of yoga-enthusiasts, an awesome class) but with the benefit of being outdoors, as the sun beams and the waves of the water relax you as they roll to the shore.

To get in on this outdoor water-side yoga event, you're going to have to register and buy a ticket. A little corporate for yoga, yes, but you'll be automatically entered in a sweepstakes and get instant prizes at the event. Combine free swag with the fact that its a 4-hour yoga event hosted by Montreal professionals, all in the summer sun, and buying a ticket looks pretty reasonable.

The only rule to follow at the Lolë White Tour Old Port session is the dress code: all white, as the name would suggest. Come clad in white, and get ready to get limber.

For all the info, head to the event listing on the Lolë website.

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