Montreal's 2014 Oysterfest Kicks Off In The Old Port At Terrasses Bonsecours This Weekend

The oyster-filled food event takes over the city for its 6th edition.
Montreal's 2014 Oysterfest Kicks Off In The Old Port At Terrasses Bonsecours This Weekend

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Next weekend, Montreal's Old Port will be a hub of food, drinks, fun, and a whole lot of oysters during the sixth annual Montreal OysterFest. Held at Terrasse Bonsecours from Saturday, September 6th to Sunday the 7th, OysterFest will be two days of a shucking good time.

Food and drink are at the forefront of OysterFest, and over 50 restaurants are expected to participate, all being recognzied Montreal eateries. To slurp up all the oysters and eats, drinks on drinks will be served, with bar staff from Burgundy Lion and Philemon making sure your whistles are constantly wet.

What makes OysterFest such a cool event, aside from the (g)astronomical amounts of oysters, are the esoteric and exciting competitions. Mixology and best Caesar competitions will be held, as will several oyster shucking competitions, including the World Oyster Shucking Invitational, where competitors from around the world will compete for the title of Oyster Opening World Cup champion. Sounds equally strange and awesome.

Tying all the fun and food in the sun will be live musical performances to enchant your ears as your stomachs are satiated. A score of Montreal talent will be bringing their rhythms to OysterFest, including Shane Murphy and many more.

Besides all the obviously awesome aspects of OysterFest, one key element makes the two-day food and drink party a guilt-free good time: all proceeds are going to charity. Money made from OysterFest will be directly donated to The Open Pier Foundation, an NGO that works towards aquatic sustainability. So feel free to order more beer and oysters, 'cuz its for a good cause.

The 6th annual OysterFest will be held at Terrasse Bonsecours on Saturday, September 6th & Sunday, September 7th. Head on over to the official website for more details and check out the OysterFest Twitter feed for any updates.

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