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Montreal's 2014 Summer Italian Car Festival Will Be Taking Over Little Italy Today

This is the Fiat Breakout Festival.
Montreal's 2014 Summer Italian Car Festival Will Be Taking Over Little Italy Today

Little Italy will become heaven on Earth for lovers of any/all Italian automobiles this Sunday, as the Fiat Breakout Festival transforms the area into a car show like no other expecting around 150 Italian cars ranging from Ferraris, Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Autobianchis, Abarths, Detomassos, Maserati, and Lancias. A true outdoor summer festival, get your engine rev'd for free music, prizes, and all the Italian cars you never knew you even wanted to gawk at.

The 4th annual Fiat Breakout will be going down on Dante street in the heart of little Italy, just off of St. Lo (map), but the rows and rows of cars will be hard to miss. Not only Fiat cars will be out on the street, as any Italian auto you can dream up will most likely be part of the festivities.

Not into cars? No sweat, there's still plenty reason to check out the Fiat Breakout. A live DJ will be on-site to liven things up, and a free Vespa will be raffled off for charity, so you have the chance to finally win that scooter you've always wanted to ride around the city. Food and swag will be out in full force (everyone knows Italians love to eat), and perhaps best of all, the whole thing is totally free.

The entirely free Fiat Breakout will run from 10am to 3pm this Sunday, July 6th. For any and all other info, check out the FB event page right here.

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