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Montreal's 2015 St-Patrick's Day Parade Is Taking Over Saint-Catherine Street March 22nd

The city's biggest block party is back.

Photo cred - Montreal's 192nd St Patrick's Parade

Apart from March bringing us warmer weather, longer days and the first official day of spring, the highlight of the entire month has got to be the St-Patrick's Day. And Montreal celebrates ye ole Irish Day like nowhere else, by throwing its annual parade, making merry in the streets and pretty much hosting the biggest block party this side of Dublin.

Usually held the weekend before, the 192nd St-Patrick's Day Parade is being held after this year, on Sunday March 22. Hopefully that extra week will mean slightly warmer temperatures, though, because last year was brutal, and more like 2012 when it was balmy +20C (!), which was pretty much the best.

The oldest parade in North America starts at noon at du Fort Street and will follow its regular route along Saint-Catherine, working its way to Phillips Square.

Check out the Facebook Event for all the details.

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