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Montreal's 2015 "Winter Sports Festival" Is Taking Over The Olympic Stadium This Weekend

Yes, there will be an official Lumberjack competition.
Montreal's 2015 "Winter Sports Festival" Is Taking Over The Olympic Stadium This Weekend

Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain

What high-intensity and energetic event will be dominating the February 14th weekend in Montreal? No, not Valentine's Day, V-Day is for basics. Anyone with a real zeal for winter fun will be heading to the Olympic Stadium for Barbegazi, a winter sports festival that will be, for lack of a better term, extremely intense, in the best way.

Nothing like cross-country skiing or tobogganing will be found at Barbegazi, because again, that stuff is for the wusses of winter sports. Instead, only high-action winter sports will be featured, making the entire event a test of your mettle to participate, but also legit fun for folks just watching on the sidelines. You don't get to see epic tricks (and wipe outs) when building a snow fort, but you will at Barbegazi.

A hot mix of extreme winter sports are on Barbegazi's rundown of events, including a Snowskate trick competition (basically snowboarding & skateboarding fused), a winter "Fatbike" race, an obstacle race, and the "Barbegazi Challenge" which is a combination of all three combined. And yes, I did meant to make that "hot mix" + "winter sports" oxymoron.

There will even be a legit Lumberjack competition, where men will duke it out with wood and heavy machinery to see who among them truly deserves to wear all that flannel and rock a giant beard. Lumbersexuals, I'm calling all y'all out, because if you can't chainsaw through a giant log, then you need to consider a change in fashion-style, because you're ruining the look for all the real L-jacks who will be competing in the Stihl Timbersports competition.

Entirely free, Barbegazi will make your weekend so epic you'll entirely forget about the cold. Okay, maybe not that epic, but it'll still be a winter festival unlike any other in the city. Find out more by heading to the Barbegazi official website and Facebook page here.

Will you be checking out this year's Barbegazi Fest?