Montreal’s 2016 Downtown “Ghost Tour” Lets You Discover The City’s Haunted Buildings

It's that time of the year again, friends. When the air gets colder, the leaves get more orange, and the Halloween vibes come out to play. (Or... Spook? Haunt? I don't know. Something scary.)

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Montreal is honestly bursting with fantastically fun things to do, especially around this time of year.

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But, TBH, there's nothing more fun than going on a walking tour. Okay, scratch that. There's nothing more fun than going on a haunted walking tour.

Exactly like one offered by Haunted Montreal.

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Every year, around Halloween, Haunted Montreal puts on "ghost tours", highlighting the best and spookiest spots in Montreal's history.

Of course, Montreal's rich history means that there are probably haunted spots everywhere in the city. But one of their tours focuses on the downtown area.

Being a former history student, I could go in depth about why focusing a haunted tour around Montreal's downtown core is such an awesome idea. But tbh, I think they put it best themselves.

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To quote their website: "...just beneath the veneer of urban respectability [of Downtown Montreal] lie many dark secrets, from forgotten cemeteries to ghost-infested buildings, and the numerous hauntings that go with them."

Sounds like a super scary, super awesome time, and the perfect thing to get you in the mood for a little Halloween cheer.

The haunting (tour) season begins September 30, and runs all the way until October 31. Tickets are $20.

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Sounds like a good, spooky time? Check out Haunted Montreal's website and Facebook page.

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