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Montreal’s 2017 “Lantern Festival” Will Be Lighting Up The Botanical Gardens

One of Montreal's most popular and most photographed tourist attractions is coming back again this summer. 

The world famous Garden of Lights!

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The pavilion at the Botanical Gardens has been undergoing restoration, and now that the work is nearly complete, The Garden of light will finally be opening its doors to the public. 

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This year's theme is "Between and Sky and Water" and Dragons.

"The dragon, representing China as a whole, will be the star of the 25th edition of the lantern festival in the Chinese Garden. It will be accompanied by its nine offspring, protecting the newly restored pavilions. And around them will be flying red-crowned cranes, symbolizing the longevity of the friendship between Montréal and Shanghai."

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The Gardens Of Light lantern festival starts September 8th until October 31 between 9 AM and 9 PM. However the the lanterns will only light up at night. 

Check out Espace Pour La Vie's website for more information .

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