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Montreal’s 2018 Botanical Gardens “Lantern Festival” Theme Has Officially Been Revealed

Drumroll please...
Montreal’s 2018 Botanical Gardens “Lantern Festival” Theme Has Officially Been Revealed

Every year the Botanical Gardens unveils the theme for their world famous Garden of Lights. It is easily one of the most spectacular things you can see in Montreal and by far the most instragrammable places in the city! 

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2 years ago the theme was The Son Of Heaven, which focused on the life of one of China's emperors, and it was absolutely incredible.  

Last year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Jardin des lumieres the theme was The Dragon accompanied by flying red-crowned cranes which symbolized the longevity of the friendship between Montréal and Shanghai.

This year's theme was announced only a few moments ago on Espace Pour La Vie's Website:

"In China, water is the breath and living pulse of the Earth and represents intelligence, wisdom, softness and flexibility. Water also figures in countless tales and legends, in the form of fantastic figures and beasts like the powerful water dragon. So with this in mind, Espace pour la vie will be telling a wondrous fishing story this year, as you stroll along the water’s edge. The traditional Chinese tale features an impressive fish called He Luo Yu, a mythical creature with one head and ten bodies. To escape fishermen, it turns itself into… a bird!"

Plus since last year, the Gardens' "lighted path" that takes through three cultural zones including the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the First Nations Garden.  

The Garden of lights will be open from September 8 until October 31, 2018.

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