Montreal's 31 Foodtrucks For Summer 2017 Revealed

New menus, new trucks, new surprises!
Montreal's 31 Foodtrucks For Summer 2017 Revealed

Spring is nearly upon us, we just have one more winter hurdle to clear, AKA: one more winter storm to deal with

Springtime in Montreal is pretty much the greatest thing ever, there are a million fun things to do outside, celebrities invade the downtown core and of course, the food trucks start hitting the streets. 

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The good news is you won't have to wait very long, food truck season officially kicks-off on April 1, 2017, and here are all the trucks you can expect this summer:

1. Boîte à fromages

2. Burger Truck

3. Cheese

4. Chez Tomio

5. Cholo 58 (*NEW)

6. Cuisine authentique polonaise

7. Damon

8. Dim Sum Montreal

9. Duck Truck MTL

10. Europea Mobile

11. Gaspésie

12. Gaufrabec

13. Grumman 78

14. King Bao

15. L’Assommoir mobile

16. La cage sur la route

17. Landry & filles

18. Le Quai roulant

19. L'Express Mobile

20. Mandy's Salades gourmandes (*NEW)

21. Mi Corazon

22. Ô sœurs du lac (*NEW)

23. Ô sœurs volantes

24. Phoenix 1

25. Pinokio

26. Point sans g

27. Queen B Bol Burrito

28. Schnitzel Truck

29. Traiteur Guru

30. Tuk Tuk

31. Winneburger


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