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Montreal's 6am Bars In The City Begins Tomorrow

Get ready to start drinking until the sun comes up.
Montreal's 6am Bars In The City Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks quite the milestone for the nightlife/bar scene in Montreal, as Thursday, June 12th will be the official start date of the city's extended last call pilot project, with bars staying open 'til 6am.

Every weekend (Thurs-Saturday) starting tomorrow until July 5th, specific bars will be allowed to serve alcohol all the way until 5:30am, and close at 6am.

There's a bit more to it than that, so be sure to check out our list10 important things you need to know about 6am bars to be fully prepared.

While there was some contrversy over the pilot project, we're excited to see how 6am bars play out in the city. Only certain spots will be sanctioned to be open late (but we wish these ones were allowed too), and we have the full list for you below:

  • Le Bistro à Jojo (map)
  • Point Bar (map)
  • Café Hookah Lounge (map)
  • Bar Passeport (map)
  • Pub L’Île noire (map)
  • Pub L’Abreuvoir (map)
  • Loup-Garou (map)
  • Bar Diablos (map)
  • En cachette (map)
  • Le Saint-Bock (map)
  • L’Amère à boire (map)
  • Pub Quartier latin (map)
  • Ziggy’s Folies (map)
  • Burger Bar Crescent (map)
  • Bar Électric Avenue (map)
  • Bar Seven (map)
  • Sir Winston Churchill Pub Complex (map)
  •  Xotica (map)
  •  Club Extreme (map)

UPDATE: The big dogs have said NO >

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