Montreal's 7 KM Mount Royal Trail Could Be Transformed Into An "Enchanted Forest" In 2017

Last week I was taking a stroll down Mount Royal, and as I was making my way through the winding forest paths a thought occurred to me.

A rare occasion, I know.

And this one was a good one, which is even rarer.

Have you ever heard of the Foresta Lumina in the Coaticook Gorge?

In case you haven't, it's an enchanted forest entirely blanketed by a trippy light show.

The 2 km trail opens at night and lets visitors wander through a world of creatures, magic, light shows, lantern and projections.

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Since its opening, it has become a major tourist attraction.

All I could think of when I walk walking in the mountain was that we basically have the same setup in Montreal, minus the lights.

And how much do those light really cost? It turns out they range anywhere from $15-$60 depending on the model and the number of colors. And one light can fill 100 meters of space.

Foresta Lumina only has 2 km, but Mount Royal has about 7 km of walking paths!

And even if we go for one of the more expensive models, lighting the entire path would cost less than $5000.

Imagine what Mount Royal would look like at night with a magical light trail brightening it up.

Now imagine taking an enchanted night-time stroll through it.

It could become the most romantic attraction in the city.

We're always trying to find ways to make Mount Royal cooler, and this seems to be the best solution, because it wouldn't alter the mountain in any major way, it wouldn't require any big construction plans, it could be done quickly, and the mountain would look exactly the same as it does now in the day-time.

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