Montreal's All-Bacon Bar To Start Serving "Bacon Brunches" In January 2015

Brutus will make your morning eating in the city a lot better.
Montreal's All-Bacon Bar To Start Serving "Bacon Brunches" In January 2015

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Bacon has become a part of every meal. Even the most unlikely dishes have been bacon-ized, as the pork product has grown into a staple of trendy and simple comfort foods alike. What people seem to forget, though, is that bacon started its culinary career off in breakfast/brunch, and morning bacon still is the foods purest form. Getting back to bacon's roots, bacon bar Brutus has just announced they will be serving "Bacon Brunches" as of next year.

Brutus challenged its many Facebook followers yesterday, asking "how many likes for the intruduciton of Bacon Brunches on Beaubien in January 2015?" The answer was 638 likes, as of now, a number of likes that will 'likely' increase. See what I did there? God we have fun.

With such an overwhelmingly positive response, Brutus responded with a simple "affirmative," so yes, Bacon Brunches will be a thing as of next January. We've seen what Brutus does with bacon in every other type of dish, so we're incredibly excited to experience what the bacon-alchemestsi will concoct for the OG bacon meal that is breakfast/brunch.

Being the intense bacon-foodies that we are, here are a couple of routes that Brutus can go with their Bacon Brunch. Lets hope we see all (or at least one) of these bad boys of breakfast bacon dishes.

The Bacon Cinnamon Roll

The Bacon Breakfast Pizza

Bacon & Brie Wafflewiches

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Bacon French Toast Sticks

The Bacon-Breakfast Grilled Cheese

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