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Montreal's All-New "50 Cakes Of Gay" Mural On Saint-Catherine Street Screams Sexy Sweetness

50 cakes is better than 1 cake.

Photo cred - Station 16 Gallery

Montreal's newest murals are more than just pretty things to look at, at least those made by Kashink, the French street artist who painted the new mural right on St. Lo and Prince Arthur, and also has an ongoing exhibition at Station 16. You may have missed her other mural painted in Montreal's Gay Village, a collection of sweets part of Kashink's ongoing project 50 Cakes of Gay.

Wearing a painted-on mustache, Kashink has traveled around the world for the last few years, painting murals of colourful cakes, all in support of gay marriage. Kashink firmly believes street-art should have an edge of protest to it, and through 50 Cakes of Gay, she is keeping that spirit alive, creating murals that celebrate same-sex marriage in the face of those who may disapprove.

You can check out the Montreal edition of Kashink's 50 Cakes of Gay right on the corner of Amherst & St. Cats (map) but we've included it below, along with Kashink's cakes from across the globe.



Bourges, France

Tangier, Morocco

San Francisco

Los Angeles

West Hollywood

Tartu, Estonia


Athens, Greece

See more at Kashink's official Tumblr page here & facebook here.

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