Montreal's All-New AZUR Metro Cars Will Now Be Running More Often

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Montreal's All-New AZUR Metro Cars Will Now Be Running More Often

It's been nearly a month since the STM's brand new AZUR train hit the tracks of the Montreal metro network, and yet, a majority of Montrealers have yet to see them whiz by, let alone catch a ride.

But there's a reason for that.

During its first few weeks of operation, the single AZUR model riding on the Orange Line kept to a strict off-peak hours schedule.

Since the train is so new, and had yet to be tested in a real-world setting, the STM thought it best to keep the AZUR away from rush hour time periods, when a break/stop in service is the most inconvenient for public transit users.

The AZUR pretty much had to pass a service-test, which it did, and so the STM is changing the running schedule of the new metro trains to include rush hour times.

Announced yesterday by Philippe Schnobb, president of the STM, the AZUR train will now start its service at 8am, leaving from Crémazie station on direction Côte-Vertu, reports Journal Metro.

As already stated, this will be the first time the AZUR will be in operation during peak service periods, which will no doubt result in many more Montrealers finally being able to ride the new metro train.

If you still don't see an AZUR on your way to work/school/wherever, note that the STM is still performing tests. The AZUR needs to go a full 61 days without a break in service until the STM gets more of the new model, with twelve set to hit the tracks this year should all things go smoothly.

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