Montreal's All-New Baseball Team Rumour Takes A Turn For The Worse

Owner of the Oakland A's addresses their Montreal future.
Montreal's All-New Baseball Team Rumour Takes A Turn For The Worse

Hopefully baseball fans didn't get their hopes up too high when news leaked about the possibility of the Oakland A's migrating to Montreal, because according to the franchise co-owner, that was just a rumour. A false one, at that.

Lew Wolff, part owner of the Oakland A's, addressed the Montreal-migration news during a press conference held yesterday, flat-out saying the "plan" was never really considered and the idea was just a result of miscommunication.

Acting Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, in an interview with SFGate, similarly denied the possibility of the A's in Montreal, quite literally saying the potential move "was beyond absurd."

Montreal's baseball hopes came about when the future of the Coliseum (the Oakland A's home field) came into question, as a lease extension for the site was not, and has yet to be, signed. Wolff was adamant that the Coliseum is the only home for the A's, and basically said it would be his mission to ensure the team stays at the field, even if its the last thing Wolff does.

Don't get too down in the dumps if you were looking forward to a new MLB team in Montreal. A new lease for the Oakland Coliseum has yet to be signed, meaning the future location of the team is still in question. Wolff and Selig could just be dispelling rumours since no deal is set in stone...yet.

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