Montreal's All-New 'Cambodian Street Food' Restaurant You Have To Try ASAP

Amazing food, cocktails and vibes!
Montreal's All-New 'Cambodian Street Food' Restaurant You Have To Try ASAP

This city is known for being full of culture, having amazing nightlife, and of course, our unreal foodie scene. It's honestly a foodie paradise in Montreal because there's constantly new restaurants opening and the amazing chefs in this city are constantly creating new and amazing dishes that keep us on our toes. 

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There's definitely no shortage of unique restaurants in this city, which makes it pretty difficult to choose a restaurant to go to on the weekends. You could spend ours debating about what you feel like eating, but I'm going to make it super simple for you guys for this weekend: you want Cambodian street food! 

This new spot just opened up in Montreal's Verdun area and it looks insanely good! 

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It's called Les Street Monkeys and it's located at 3625 Wellington Street. This spot serves up some insane Cambodian street food eats, which is totally unique to Montreal! 

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Some of their amazing looking dishes include papaya salads, wasabi shrimp ceviche, crab pasta rice vermicelli, stuffed chicken wings, seared beef and so much more! 

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They also serve unreal cocktails like their pina coladas served in huge coconuts, bloody caesars with fish sauce and squid ink, spicy tequila cocktails, lychee mojitos, and so much more! 

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You can come here for just for the drinks, or for an amazing meal as well! It's perfect for any kind of occasion and will definitely impress a date! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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