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Montreal's "Colourful Cookie Dough" Shop You've Gotta Check Out ASAP

A sweet fall treat!
Montreal's "Colourful Cookie Dough" Shop You've Gotta Check Out ASAP

Montreal is home to some insane restaurants, cafes and dessert shops that are constantly creating amazing new things that keep our bellies full and our hearts happy! 

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There's really nothing better than trying out a new food trend and feeling like you just ate the most amazing thing in the entire world. That's how you're going to feel once you try these super colourful edible cookie dough cones right here in Montreal! 

via @chloedumont

This shop opened up in the middle of July last year and they're killing the cookie dough game already! They're called Mon Biscuit and they're located at 9335 boul. Leduc Suite 10 just across the bridge in Brossard. 

via @monbiscuitmtl

via @postresgt

They serve insane flavours of cookie dough like their matcha white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, blue M&M, brownie, S'mores, mint chocolate chip and so many more! 

Not only is their cookie dough insane colours and flavours, they also serve crazy colourful cones to go with them! You can get cones in flavours like black coco ash, matcha, red velvet and cinnamon brown sugar!! 

via @monbiscuitmtl

via @monbiscuitmtl

They are constantly changing flavours every week and creating new and exciting ways to enjoy our childhood favourite, that we would sneak while our mom's made their chocolate chip cookies. But now we can enjoy this yummy dessert without worrying about the salmonella! 

via @weluv2eat

Oh wait, did I mention they also make cookie dough ice cream sandwiches?? This place is a must-visit for anyone that needs a super sweet cookie dough fix in their lives! 

Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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