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Montreal's All-New "Mini Cheesecake Bar" You Gotta Check Out This Fall

There are a few things in this world that can make you happy even on the crappiest of days and one of those things is cheesecake. There's something about the creamy sweet filling over top of a crumbly crust that just makes you frown turn upside down. 

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This isn't the easiest dessert to make though, it takes a lot of skill and precise measurements to make sure your cheesecake is mouth-wateringly good. 

But this spot that opened up in January does it better than all the rest because they make super cute mini cheesecakes that are DELICIOUS! 

via @nicholas.kotopoulis

Le Cheesecake Bar is located at274 Boulevard Sainte-Rose in Laval and it's totally worth the trip to try these morsels of goodness! 

They make all kinds of ridiculously amazing flavours like lemon meringue, cannoli topped cheesecake, key lime cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake, profiterole topped cheesecake, Nutella cheesecake and sooo many more! 

via @lecheesecakebar

They're made fresh daily and perfect for when you deserve a little bite-sized indulgence after a long week or you want to treat your S/O, family or friends! 

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They serve amazing coffee to go with your creamy cheesecake to make your indulgence even more decadent! You can also order special requests for any event you may be having such as weddings, birthdays, showers and more. 

via @lecheesecakebar

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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