Montreal's All-New Old Port

You'll want to go, even if you're not a tourist.
Montreal's All-New Old Port

With Montreal's 375th anniversary coming quickly, it seems like most of the cooler projects are winter themed.

There's theFree Igloofest events, the light projections on Mount Royal, the Fête Des Neiges, and Montreal's new ski hill.

But what about summertime?

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Well let me remind you of a little project called The Glass Observatory.

This summer, Montreal's Old Port will be getting a $78 million makeover. The plan is to turn the Alexandra Pier and the Iberville passenger terminal into a new modern cruise-ship docking station.

The goal is to attract more cruise-ships to stop off in Montreal as part of their itineraries.

In addition to this, the dock will also be equipped with a gigantic glass lighthouse with a huge 360° observation deck on top, which is sure the be the most spectacular vantage point in Montreal

But that's still not all, there will be a secondary docking station built to welcome more than 1 boat at a time.

A new "green roof" lookout will be build on top of the station, and The end of the pier be renovated and will allow pedestrians and boats to access the river.

Check out the video below for more.

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