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Montreal's All-New Parc Jean-Drapeau

Bringing back the spirit of Expo '67.
Montreal's All-New Parc Jean-Drapeau

Montreal's Parc Jean Drapeau is getting quite the makeover this year, and now we have all the details so you'll know exactly what to expect.

These projects are meant to bring back the spirit of Expo '67, to turn the parc into a tourist destination, and to showcase the ingenuity of the site.

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The plan includes a new Amphitheater, expansions, and improved amenities.

Calder Concourse

The area in front of the metro will be turned into a plaza and expanded all the way to the Calder sculpture.

It will be a symbolic homage to Expo '67 and it will allow visitors to get around much more easily.

Riverside Walkway

A new walking path will be built alongside the river.

This path will provide a better view of Montreal's downtown core and it will link the upper and lower walkways to improve mobility.

Event Village

This will be a new entertainment venue that will be open all year long.

There will be restaurants and rest areas with integrated furniture as well as a new concession area for events.

As a bonus there will be a special area for water games and sprays.

Natural Agora

This place is meant to be a transition between the Calder Concourse and the Amphitheater.

It will have brand new washrooms, it can be converted to concession stands during events and it can accommodate plays, small shows or picnics.


This will be a 65,000-seat "natural amphitheater" to host all the major events!

It will be versatile and adaptable and it will feature programs and events all year long.

They will also be adding new infrastructure and lighting as well as increased security, and and enhanced visitor experience.

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