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Montreal's All-New STM Metro Cars Don't Fit In The Tunnels

Can't fit and might just tip over.
Montreal's All-New STM Metro Cars Don't Fit In The Tunnels

Update: We received a few clarifications on some points in our article from Philippe Déry (an official STM rep) and we listed them below.

Bad news for Montreal's newest metro cars. The new AZUR metro cars, meant to roll out onto metro tracks this fall, are simply too big and too heavy for the existing metro system.

Comment from the STM:

Nothing supports the affirmation that they are « too big and too heavy for the system. » AZUR métro cars are in fact smaller than the MR-63. They will be a few tons heavier, but client capacity is increased by 8 %.

Wider and weighing more than 13 tons more than existing cars (240 total) the STM needs to shave 200 metres off of some areas in the metro tunnel and reinforce the tracks.

Comment from the STM:

We finished shaving off the concrete for the needed sections (totaling 200 m or 0,3 % of the total tunnel length) in May 2013. The STM did not reinforce the tracks but we will test with a prototype and if some reinforcement is needed, it’s minor work. We used a laser-guided machine to validate all of the measures and needed adjustments.

If they didn't, there would be a major concern/likelihood of the new cars tilting over and hitting metro tunnel wall. Not only super dangerous, we also don't need more random metro closures from tipped over trains.

Comment from the STM:

There is no risk of tilting, flipping over or making contact with the tunnel wall.

Apparently the STM foresaw these issues and planned them into the schedule and budget of the AZUR project, meaning the new cars release date and budget will remain the same. Either the STM has a crystal ball or just plans to muck up, either way, at least they're prepared.

Comment from the STM:

The STM foresaw these issues as a responsible project planner, because it’s normal to have to make some adjustments when you integrate a new train in older infrastructure.The AZUR métro cars were conceived following recent international norms for comfort, security and perfomance and the STM knew that by doing so, some minor adjustments would be needed.

Anyone else feeling we should just stick the the old, tried and true metro cars? Yeah, they're old and don't work all that well, but at least they fit on the tracks.

What do you think of the new metro cars?

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