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Montreal's All-New Victoria Secret Store Begins Construction On Saint-Catherine Street

Photo cred - MTL Blog

"Welcome to downtown"

That's what the incredibly erotic sign set up on what used to be the downtown location Chapters reads, with a very busty woman staring you down as you walk down the street. Looks like Victoria Secret is not going subtle with promotion for its new store, which is set to open in the ex-bookstore space "soon."

Books were moved out for bras over the last few months, when the announcement was made that Chapters would be shutting down to make way for a new 35, 000+ square foot Victoria’s Secret flagship store on Stanley and St. Catherine. Early reports stated the new VS store would open in mid-2015, and if the "opening soon" sign is to be trusted, Victoria Secret is making good on that timeline.

The scantily dressed 2D woman went up last night, and we couldn't help but snap a few pics, to prepare you for when you see a big bra-clad woman giving you the eyes when your walking along St. Catherine.

On a lingerie-related note, the bra celebrated its 100 year anniversary yesterday. Perhaps Victoria's Secret put up the sign in commemoration of the milestone, or maybe they just wanted to get people excited for their new store. Either way, good timing.

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